SWDhaka is powered by Podio!


StartupWeekendDhaka is powered by – a web-based project management application. Podio, which is now part of Citrix, is one of the most popular web-based project management apps in the world, and has generously sponsored a premium account for the SWDhaka team.

The organizing team for SWDhaka is located in three continents, spread over four time zones, and we really needed a project management solution that ensured that tasks were being managed effectively. Our Google Docs solution wasn’t effective enough – because it was really important to know what changes were made to documents, and by which team member. Podio helps organize information in a way that makes it easy to get work done. In addition, what distinguishes Podio from other project management software is the ability to create custom “apps”, using a simple drag and drop interface. There is also a Marketplace from where pre-built apps can be downloaded. Another great feature is having all project information accessible through the Podio mobile app for iOS and Android.

We’re really enjoying the use of Podio for managing the organization of SWDhaka. We like it so much, that the winning teams of SWDhaka will be given a 12-month premium account on Podio to help get their startups launched!