How to develop an app in 54 hours


Here are some tips and tricks for StartupWeekend Dhaka attendees, to get the planning process started:

  • If the app idea is yours, before the event think about what the “Unique Selling Proposition” will be.
  • Make a list of all the technical components you will need in place to demo your app (e.g., platform, web host, external APIs, etc.).
  • At the event, connect with others to form a well-balanced team with core skills in development/design, project management and business/marketing.
  • Define your Minimum Viable Product and decide how you will demonstrate the primary value of your app.
  • Use a domain name generator to brainstorm a name for your startup and make sure it is available online.
  • Pick a web or mobile platform to build your demo on (e.g., WordPress, jQuery Mobile, Appcelerator Titanium).
  • Break up tasks so that everyone on the team is busy and no one is waiting around.
  • Check in with each team member periodically to make sure they are on track.
  • Seek out feedback from event mentors, or even solicit customer feedback from people outside the event.
  • Deploy you app to a host that provides easy set up, such as Heroku (Ruby), AppHarbor (.NET) or Amazon EC2.
  • Understand that the app you build during the weekend is not the finished product – it’s only the beginning!